Medical Equipment Supplies


Established in early 1988, PT Sigi Seminau is family-owned company that is always growing strong and steady. With a vast experience, we’ve decided to concentrate on what we have absolute expertise in, by providing two main products: Medical Ozone. Striving for stability and loyalty, our technicians have been working with us for more than 15 years, proving that we are taking care of not only our customers, but also employees, to the very best. On top of that, we are supported by full degree electrical engineer, certified technicians with overseas qualifications, doctor, and IT professionals. Our representative building consists of two storey office with huge workshop and warehouse at the side of Jakarta next to the sea, complete with extensive library of technical literatures to complement our skills and knowledge.


To trade with honesty and dignity.

To not be the biggest, but the best in our field.

To provide the best solutions and equipments catered to our client satisfaction.