Injections – Minor Autohemotherapy

Minor autohemotherapy with ozone
As a non-specific, immune stimulant therapy, comparable to an “autovaccination”, not only ozone-specific.

Acne vulgaris (common acne), allergies, adjuvant in cancer therapy, unspecific immunoactivation

In minor autohemotherapy (MinAH), under aspetic conditions, 2-5 ml blood is removed intravenously and drawn into a sterile, pyrogen-free 30 ml disposable syringe (already containing the ozone-oxygen mixture), where it is mixed with 10 ml of an O3/O2 gas mixture, intensively shaken and slowly reinjected intramuscularly in the ventrogluteal region. Ozone concentration: 10-20 µg/ml.

Subcutaneous and intracutaneous application

Pain management, trigger points, acupuncture points
herpes zoster, trigger points in combination with local anesthetics (neural therapy), tonanalgetic systems

2-5 without local anesthetic, 10-15 µg/ml with local anesthesia.

Intradiscal injections
Intradiscal injections in herniated discs may only be performed when monitored by imaging systems as found in hospital departments where these are available.

Intraarticular ozone injections
Intraarticular ozone injections in acute and chronic, painful joint conditions represents a complementary treatment method providing rapid pain relief, decongestion, a reduction in inflammation and an improvement in motility. It involves mainly knee and shoulder joints presenting chronic pathological symptoms.

Symptoms of the rheumatic and degenerative type, diseases and injuries of the joints (arthrosis, arthropathias)
Active gonarthrosis, acute diseases of the shoulder joints involving partially restricted functional movement (shoulder stiffness)
Chronic shoulder joint conditions with calcification and painfully restricted movements in the final stage.

Intraarticular injection of an ozone/oxygen gas mixture must be considered as being an intervention in a sterile system (joint), to be carried out under specially strict aseptic precautionary measures, see special guidelines for intraarticular injections.