Medical Ozone

Dr. J. Hänsler GmbH Germany

Ozone therapy with OZONOSAN generators

Medical ozone as bioregulator in its “low dose concept“ form, is an established and scientifically founded treatment concept in complementary medicine.

Over the last decades its mode of action and pharmacology are well documented and published on an international basis; now forms of applications, dosages and treatment strategies are standardized, summarized and published as the

Guidelines for the Use of Ozone in Medicine.

The OZONOSAN therapy system is complemented by our training guidelines and various handbooks; these are nowadays recognized as standard literature in the context of relevant studies, treatment concepts and dosage recommendations for all users of medical ozone.



  • The first founder of medical ozone generator in 1958.
  • A German technology, specialists in medical ozone/oxygen therapy for more than 50 years.

  • A perfect system for medical ozone applications specially designed for medical use, with exact concentration dosage control.

  • Registered TUV Rheinland – Product Safety GmbH, Cologne. Guarantees an optimum in safety and efficacy.

  • Ozone Supply Outlet via a 3-way safety valve allowing ozone pickup – both for syringe filling and for continuous ozone applications.

  • Approved according MDD 93/42/EEC and DIN EN ISO 13485

What is Ozone teraphy?
Apakah terapi ozon?

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